worlds smallest car dealership

Peugeot opens world’s smallest car dealership

Peugeot have recently went live with their new online ordering system, and to promote this significant step forward for the french car manufacturer, Peugeot have opened up the world’s smallest car dealership.

The dealership has been built inside a converted London telephone box, located in the heart of the capital measuring less than a metre. The dealership is un-manned and is open from 7am to midnight. However, the unmanned dealership is not accessible to just anyone – you will need to log onto their website and request a code. Once inside, a tablet can be found, and the customer can configure their car and complete a finance deal.

Although this is all quite impressive, Peugeot have admitted this isn’t a serious business statement, rather a PR stunt to show the world they can finalise a car finance deal directly with the french manufacturer.

Car dealerships will still play a huge part in the automotive economy. To secure car finance with Peugeot directly, one must surely have a flawless credit rating as they will not want to take on too much risk. Customers who have been rejected by Peugeot can turn to more lenient dealerships who have a broader selection of cars for customers to choose from.