2017 Jeep Wrangler

Chinese Manufacturer Great Wall Motor Company eye FAC’s Jeep brand

It seems the tables have turned for Fiat Chrysler. FCA SEO Sergio Marchionne has been searching for possible merges and partners for FCA, rather than individual brands. Although nothing has happened thus far, it seems the Chinese Great Wall Motor Company are eyeing up the possibility of buying the Jeep brand to elevate their own brand. CEO Marchionne now finds himself in a position where companies are coming to him with proposals.

The Chinese manufacturer claims it wants to become the world’s leading sport-utility brand, and with recent claims arising, it seems their vision could become reality in the not-too-distant future. Great Wall Motor Co also have ambitious plans to expand into new markets such as the United States, whilst recently beginning to build their own cars.

On the contrary, one has to wonder whether FCA would even consider allowing Great Wall to buy Jeep. Recognised as the world’s leading off-road SUV, would fiat Chrysler sell up it’s gem to the Chinese? In 2016, Jeep contributed to 40% of Fiat Chrysler’s overall sales with 1 million+ sold. If FAC were to sell Jeep – and with the Dodge brands aside – they would be left with the struggling Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Chrysler.

Would this deal make sense? Will FAC even consider any offer? Time will tell whether Great Wall lodge a bid.