Highway code book

Do you know your highway code?

1.) You’re driving towards a pedestrian crossing on a multiple lane road and there is a car already stationed there. If the lights then change to green, can you use your extra momentum and zip past the stationary car?

2.) You drive towards a junction, and to avoid confusion with drivers in front, you give way and flash your lights to signal the fact that you’re giving-way. Do you think this is legal?

3.) You head out with a few friends to a new city. You have one too many drinks and cannot contact friends. Your phone is dead, and all you have is your car keys. You decide to sleep it off in your car as last alternative. Is this allowed?

4.) You’re driving long distance to a friends house and lose your way. You pull out your phone and lean it up against your dashboard. It works great and you get there on time. You’re only using the phone for sat nav purposes. Is this acceptable?

5.) You’re driving down a small side range between two farms. The road is empty but suddenly, you find yourself stuck behind a tractor. You come to a bend and see the road ahead is empty – you take your chance and cross the double white lines, take over the tractor and drive on ahead. Is this a legal overtake?

6.) You drive into a built up area at 11:45pm to pick up a friend to take her to the airport. Her phone is switched off so you beep your horn once to alert her. Would you say this is fine for you to do so?

7.) You drop a family member off near her home. You can’t find anyone close to her home that has a space available, however, you find a space 15 metres away from a junction. A policeman nearby spots this happening. Are you in for a fine?

8.) Did you know, there are now SEVEN different types of pedestrian crossings? Eight, if you include Pegasus crossings. They are, Zebra, Puffin, Pelican, Toucan, Staggered Puffin, and Traffic Lights. The Green Cross Code section wasn’t added until 1978 to allow for children to get to school safely.

9.) There are FIVE colours of ‘reflective road studs’ on the roads today and they all have different purposes. You may call them ‘catseyes’ too, like many other people do, if you wish to!

Okay, so what are the colours and their meanings?

White Studs: indicates the middle of the road
Red Studs: marks the left hand side of the road
Amber Studs: indicating the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway
Green Studs: indicates the edge of the main carriageway at slip roads
Green/yellow Studs: temporary adjustments to lane layouts

10.) Did you know, electric cars move as silently as trams? Rule 224 has been put in place for drivers to take extra care around electric vehicles.

The drink driving limit has been reduced in Scotland. Previously, if you were breathalysed, the limit was 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres. That figure is now reduced to 22 micrograms per 100 mls. For those of you drinking in Scotland, we recommend not driving the next morning as this could lead to your licence being taken from you.