laptop showing peugeot ecommerce page

Peugeot begins to sell cars online

In today’s digital world, you can – pretty much – buy anything you want online. The motor industry however, was always a little behind due to the complications of purchasing vehicles, such as credit checks and the approval of finance applications. Instead of selling directly, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) sold their vehicles through third party dealerships. Peugeot however, are now changing the game.

Working with Summit – a UK based retail specialist – Peugeot are now selling directly to the customer online. You can now log onto their website and complete a purchase without needing to speak to anyone. Peugeot now complete full credit checks and approve applications online, delivering the cars to their customers’ doorsteps. This is a significant step forward for Peugeot, as they have found a solution for what was a huge technical challenge. This direction may also disrupt relations with Peugeot, but that is an article for another day. It also begs the question, what brands will follow suit?