Volkswagen Polo 2016

VW Polo 1.4 TDI

48 months at £278 per month

Total repayment £13,348

Total cost of credit £2,173

Based on 9% APR on good credit score


If you’re looking for a classy super-mini, the VW is a car you must test drive at some point in your search. Along with the Golf, the Volkswagen Polo is a big household name. Whilst the Polo is a great, classy car, Volkswagen are also aware that the Kia Rio and Hyundai i20 are catching them up in terms of quality. Over the next five years or so, this should make for great competition, as Hyundai, VW, Renault, Ford and Peugeot, all fight it out for the Super-mini crown. Having said that, the updated VW Polo doesn’t look much different to its predecessor, except for a new grille.


Price: £15,500

Engine Size: 1422cc

Fuel Economy: 85MPG

Tank range: 840 miles

0-60 mph: 12.5 secs

Top Speed: 110 mph



If you’re looking for an enjoyable ride, maybe your longest journey will be 30 minutes to work every morning, then you may consider the Fiesta due to the sense of fun it offers. However, if you’ll be driving long distances, the Polo is a lot more comfortable due to its quiet engines and smooth driving quality.


The VW Polo starts with your typical 1.0-litre petrol, great for urban driving, however, the Polo also offers a 1.4-litre TSI and a Polo GTI 1.8-litre model. Again, if you’ll be driving long distances, we recommend the diesel option, as this could very well pay for itself after a few years.


All Polos come with 6.5inch touch screen systems with Bluetooth and DAB radio. In terms of the interior, it does look pretty nice, but as you can expect with a Polo, it is fairly conservative.


One thing to note, the entry level VW does not come with air-conditioning, which seems pretty odd for a super-mini with tight spaces.


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