Mercedes-Benz A Class

Mercedes A Class 2015

48 months at £493 per month

Total repayment £23,651

Total cost of credit £3,851

Based on 9% APR on good credit score


The A-Class is probably the most premium looking hatchbatch we have seen in a long time – every single angles of the Mercedes A class is inspiring and stylish. It comes with voice operated commands and a tablet-style display, however, it isn’t touch screen, which is a shame. However, you can control some of it’s functions through an app on your mobile phone.


Price: £19,800

Engine Size: 1595cc

Fuel Economy: 74MPG

0-62mph: 10.6 secs

Top Speed: 118mph


The Mercedes A class is also a great family car, coming with 7 airbags for added protection and other safety mod-cons.


After reviewing some test drives with the A class, it has been reported that the car handles very well. This could be the most sporty-hatchback on the road today.


The engines are also pretty impressive, as you would expect from a mercedes. The diesel will offer you around 74MPG and it emits under 100 grams per KM of Carbon Dioxide, which means it is free from road tax.


The A class however, isn’t as sharp as some its rivals, such as the BMW 1 series and the 7 speed automatic gearbox can be a little slow when responding. The space for the rear passengers is also very restricted and a little bit dull and claustrophobic for some. The boot size is also pretty minimal.


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