Mercedes c class coupe

Mercedes C-class (2017)

48 months at £696 per month

Total repayment £33,420

Total cost of credit £5,441

Based on 9% APR on good credit score


The Mercedes C-Class offers a more relaxed driving experience and boasts a very stylish, upper market interior. When you enter the C-class and feel around the interior, you know everything is of a very high quality and no corners have been cut. This is how the C-Class is trying to fend off its rivals such as the BMW 3 Series. All series have man-made leather seats and a reverse parking camera.


Model: Coupè

Engine Size: 1991 cc

Fuel Economy: 51 MPG

Power: 200 BHP

Tank range: 554 miles

0-60 mph: 6.2 secs

Top Speed: 148 mph


For passengers, it isn’t so spacious and there are better cars around if you have a family with teenagers above 5’9. The boot is of a good size, and you can roll down the back seats for additional space. The boot is also automated which is very handy.


The C-class is pretty intelligent, too. If you head down a one-way lane, the C-class will inform you immediately, the car can also steer itself up to speeds of 40 mph and if you enter a tunnel, the air vents will automatically close to prevent fumes entering your vehicle – not bad, eh?  


The sat nav however, is not at the same quality of the Audi A3 – in fact, it’s a pretty cheap sat-nav.


The car is very comfortable, and is pretty enjoyable for long-distance journeys. The C-Class is also a quiet drive and the suspensions allows for a relaxing drive.  


All C-class’ engines comes with a four-cylinder unit. Now, the C-Class does offer both petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, and the most popular is the 2.1-litre diesel C 220d, which provides extra power and competitive fuel economy figures. The only downside to this engine, is the noise.


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