2017 Silver Ford Fiesta ST2

Caragogo’s Car of the Month: Ford Fiesta ST-2

48 months at £472 per month

Total repayment £22,647

Total cost of credit £3,687

Based on 9% APR on good credit score


The Ford Fiesta might be small, but is packed with powerful energy that is awesome to drive. They have addressed all the car’s previous weaknesses and consequently won Car of the Year, Best Hot Hatch.

A drive in any Ford Fiesta will put in a smile on your face. It can hit 0-60 in less than 7 seconds and when it comes to performance and affordability, it wins on both grounds. The Ford Fiesta turns corners like a cat chasing a mouse, and you always feel in control of the steering. The beauty of the Ford Fiesta is, you always feel part of the car, as though you can make it do anything you request.

For those who want to get more practical use out of the Ford Fiesta, it has recently been made available as a five-door.

The best thing about the Ford Fiesta, is it’s affordable, and driving it, becomes an addiction.


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Best available rate 9%
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