Am I guaranteed Car Finance?

Many loan brokers, for both car and other personal uses, will sometimes “guarantee approval”. This is simply not the case – no one can guarantee finance. All lenders have their own criteria which all applicants must pass – some are strict, some aren’t so. However, this does not mean that Caragogo cannot help you secure car finance. In fact, Caragogo improve your chances of being accepted due to our many connections in the financial and car dealership sector.

How can Caragogo help me get car finance?

Caragogo partner with a variety of different lenders, heightening your chances of being approved for car finance. If you were rejected for car finance by multiple lenders, this does not mean all lenders will do the same. This is where Caragogo can help. Tell us a little bit about yourself on our form, and we will go searching for someone to approve you.

Is it worth applying?

Applying via Caragogo is risk free. There is no obligation once you get accepted for a loan, and it does no harm to your or your credit rating if you are not approved.

Caragogo work closely with a range of lenders in an effort to help those with bad credit, secure car finance so they have better mobility for themselves and their families.

I have been rejected using Caragogo, now what?

Let’s find the reason to your rejection. We will try to do whatever we can to help your situation. Visit our Bad Credit Car Finance page.