Bad Credit Car Finance

Securing car finance with bad credit

If you’re struggling to get accepted for vehicle finance, or you’re reluctant to even try as you think you’re credit rating isn’t good enough, don’t worry; Caragogo can improve your chances of success. By working alongside a variety of different lenders, we increase your chances of success, regardless of your past financial history. A lot of our customers do have CCJs and other arrears, however, this has not stopped them from being accepted for car finance.

Understanding your circumstances

Here at Caragogo, we have a genuine understanding for those who have bad credit, but need some help. Many of our customers are single parents who need a family vehicle for schools runs or other activities that are too strenuous to travel to via public transport. In an effort to help our customers get accepted for car finance, we work closely with out connected lenders to increase the amount of accepted applicants.

What to do next

We recommend giving our service a try. If for whatever reason you have been rejected, get in contact with us and we will recommend the best course of action. This will usually involve trying to understand why you have been denied, and taking action to get around that particular obstacle.